August 2023 Rebuild Update

As most of you are aware, we have began the process of rebuilding our grange hall after the devastating Zogg Fire of 2020. In March of 2023 and after much deliberation, the membership chose the contactor that will be helping us in this monumentous milestone. Joe Van Sweden and his crew at Ark Design Construction and Roofing, Inc. have shown us grace, compassion and patience as we worked through budget and funding hurdles and as a result, we are elated to announce that we finally have a signed contract on July 25th!

Some locals may have noticed that the site prep and excavation has already been underway. This was a portion of the rebuild that was separately contracted in order to be respectful of the companies time in relation to their other projects within the north state. 

On August 21st our President Vicky Egar-Klein got the call that our building plans had been accepted so a few members took the joyous drive to the Building Department! Construction starts Monday, August 28th!!!

The road is far from over but we are steps closer to being able to gather as a community on the same grounds where we once did before. As always, your support is appreciated so please stay tuned as we have more updates to come!

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