Our mission is to maintain the traditions of neighbors working together for the common benefit and community improvement, while promoting respect for diversity of opinions, communication between age groups, and adherence to the rule of law.

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Coming in 2019…

Ono Grange Favorite Recipes Cookbook

We are putting a cookbook together as a fundraiser for the Ono Grange and want to add your favorite recipes!  Whether it’s a long-time family favorite great-great Grandma brought west in a covered wagon or reliable recipes you depend on to regularly cook meals, we want your recipes and the stories behind them.

History is important to us at the Ono Grange.  It’s fun and interesting to know where we’ve come from, how our favorite traditions got started and are kept alive, and food has always been a big part of it.  We have to eat to live, but eating is also important in holiday celebrations and helps mark special events in our lives, like weddings.  So, along with your recipe(s) we want to know the back story.  Where did the recipe come from?  What makes it special in your family?  On what occasions are you most likely to serve it and why?  Is there a story that’s retold every time you serve it?  Remember when….

The recipes don’t have to be original—

It’s fine to send recipes you’ve collected and used over the years, or recipes you’ve tweaked and improved to suit your family’s taste—but if they are original, please let us know.  We will need your recipes no later than June 15, 2019, so we can process them and prepare the book for printing.

Submit as many recipes as you want!  Remember, the recipes do not have to be original—just your favorite go to recipe.  There are no copy right infringements per our publisher.

To be considered for inclusion, all recipes must be received by the deadline:  June 15, 2019.

Click here to submit recipe(s).

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